Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bike rides.

The weather was so nice yesterday that after school we took the kids to the park to ride bikes.

Don't they look so cute?!

Kaeleigh was cracking me up. That's her "really excited to be on my bike" face.

I tried to get Maylyn to make a silly face but she wasn't having it.

Here I am with the crazy monster. I'm clearly not the pack leader.

Thankfully, Bill is. He had total control when this giant dog came running up to us.

I grew up with Chihuahuas so I've always thought of Jake as a huge dog. Until I saw him next to this monster. Sheesh! This was only his second time meeting another dog and he loved it!

We ended our park time with a few races. Here the girls are all lined up.

Here's a video of one of their races. (Taken on my ipod.)

(Maylyn won that one.)

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