Saturday, February 13, 2010


So...beginning of February, I went back to work full time.
That lasted all of a week and a half. 
It was just too big of an adjustment for everyone, the kids especially.
I'm back to being a stay at home mom again.
I give major props to those moms that can work full time and have a family.
Seriously, what's your secret?

But before I went back to work the girls and I were invited to a birthday party for my friend Lindy's daughter.  Oh man, did they have a blast!
What's more fun than a giant jumpy castle??
And last weekend we went to my friend Christene's daughter's 6th birthday party.
Christene is the cutest and had several games planned for all of the kids.
Here's Maylyn taking her turn playing a version of "Pin the tail on the Donkey."
Except there's a cat, not a donkey.  And a collar charm, not a tail.
But anywho, here's Kaeleigh taking her turn.
Next was a potato sack race. (with pillow cases)
The Birthday Girl Macee in her sack.
And finally, there was a relay race.  The kids stuck a sponge in a bowl of water and ran down to the other bucket and squeezed all of the water out.  Team with the most water in their bucket wins.
Maylyn mid-race.
And Kaeleigh.
It ended up being a tie between our team and another team.  But all the kids got treats for participating.
A successful afternoon overall.  The kids ran around so much that this is how I found them after we got home.  Watchin' tv in the bean bag chair.
Working really got in the way of my computer time. :)
I've got some blog catching up to do!  And just in time for Valentine's day.  ♥

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